Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jewelry Bug, by Wynia

Oh, if only I could get a better picture of this!  The processes use to create this work were developed by the artist.  Wynia also creates custom glass for architectural applications.  She is SOOO good to us! Check out her website which is :

A Message From The COH Team

Hi Everyone,
What you see on this blog represents less than half of the items on offer at this year's Celebration of HeARTS Event.  We have a wonderful range of objects and experiences on offer and we hope that you will show up for the party and check us out!  We are at the Phinney Neighborhood Center Community Hall tonight from 6:30 - 8:30.  See you there!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Bloom by Deborah Bell

This photograph does not do justice to this shimmering golden apparition by Deborah Bell. Deborah is represented in Seattle by Grover/Thurston Gallery.  Her website is

China Sea by Deborah Bell

This lovey lush painting in acryic on wood panel was given to us by Deborah Bell.  Deborah is represented in Seattle by Grover Thurston Gallery.  Her website is

Embroidered Incidents by Rachael Robins

These small, framed embroideries tell interesting stories.  Rachael taught herself how to embroider from an old library book.  She 'cobbles together' images from coloring books and other sources to create her pieces.  Rachael is involved with LifeSPAN through Anna's network.

Party Light and Posie Light, by Deborah Bell

Deborah, who is a friend of LifeSPAN and a network member, is also a well known and highly respected artist who has been working in Seattle for 30 years.  Here she's had some fun creating these wonderful lamp shades for us.

Two Goblets by Beth Fishman

These two wine goblets come to us from their maker Beth Fishman.  Beth's work can be found at Vetri in Seattle and in many other locations.  See if you don't feel extra special sipping that DeLille Bordeaux (also an auction item) from these beauties!